Put Google AdSense Into the Corner, Let your page render first using jQuery

First off, if you haven’t installed both Yahoo YSlow! and Google Page Speed then bookmark this page and come back to it later. Chances are you have bigger fish to fry on the rest of your website.

Now if you read my post on AB Testing with Google Website Optimizer, you probably caught on that <script type=”text/javascript”> tags block rendering of content on your pages.

Now that you’re using these tools, your noticing some of these AdSense calls are taking 300ms to render – sometimes multiple SECONDS…wait but when I combine those two facts that means my content below the ads isn’t rendering yet…

WTF Google!

The good news, is, it’s possible to unblock the rendering of your page’s content. The bad news, is, it involves repositioning the ads after the page has been loaded (a little bit of a flicker).


The mechanics of the solution involve three pieces:

  1. A placeholder <div> where the ad should be displayed
  2. Shoving the actual ad elements as one of the last items in your HTML document (so everything else gets rendered first)
  3. jQuery code to reposition the ad back into its placeholder slot

Inline Content:

The container for your ads should be pretty straightforward, you know what size ad unit you’re including so block out the section of your page:

      <div id="fmad_placeholder_Detail_Page_Bottom" style="height: 90px; line-height: 90px;">&nbsp;</div>

Bottom Page Content:

Your moving div that actually calls AdSense/Ad Manager code:

<div id="fmads_Detail_Page_Bottom" style="display: none; text-align:center;">
  <script type="text/javascript">

jQuery Magic to reposition your ads back to where they should be:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var fmPositionGoogleAdsInit = false;
  function fmPositionGoogleAd(ad_name) {
    var fun = (function () {
      var placeholder = $('#fmad_placeholder_'+ad_name);
      var ad = $('#fmads_'+ad_name);

      if(placeholder && ad) {
        var pos = placeholder.offset();
          "display": "block",
          "position": "absolute",
          "left": pos.left+"px",
          "top": pos.top+"px",
          "width": placeholder.width()

    if(!fmPositionGoogleAdsInit) {

    fmPositionGoogleAdsInit = true;

  function fmPositionGoogleAds() {
    // List all of your ad slots



Now, if you have any other dynamic content on the pages, you may have to manually reposition the ads again.  This is simply done by calling:


Hope that helps!


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