Ruby Script to Extract Google Analytics Keywords, Landing Page, Medium Entrances to CSV/TSV format

I’ve had versions of this script hacked together before.  In fact, if you search for “Google Analytics Data Extractor” the #1 result is a google groups posting I made in a former life for a C# program I developed:

There’s now a couple of ruby gems out there for handling the Google Analytics API

One of them I’ve been doing some light-contributing to, including the pagination support (automatically grab all results in 10,000 result chunks)

I pushed a couple of changes up today at: that hopefully will get merged into the main trunk soon (

One of the more useful uses of the library is to extract your Organic Search Results Keywords from Google Analytics. We’re using this at Frugal Mechanic to see how people search for Auto Parts.

require 'rubygems'
require 'gattica'
require 'fastercsv'

ga_profile = "" #Enter your Profile Here
start_date =, 1, 1)
end_date =, 12, 31)
file_path = "data" # Directory Needs to exist

puts "Google Username: "
u = gets.chomp
raise "bad username" unless !u.empty?
puts "Google Password: "
system "stty -echo"
pw = gets.chomp
system "stty echo"
raise "bad password" unless !pw.empty?

class ExtractKeywords
  def initialize(email,password)
    @gs ={:email => email, :password => password})

  def get_accounts
    results = []
      profile = {}
      profile[:site_title] = account.title
      profile[:profile_id] = account.profile_id ## this is the id required for requests to the API
      profile[:account_name] = account.account_name
      profile[:account_id] = account.account_id
      profile[:web_property_id] = account.web_property_id
      results << profile     }     return results   end   def connect_profile(profile)     @gs.profile_id = profile[:profile_id]   end   def connect_profile_id(profile_id)     @gs.profile_id = profile_id   end   def get_keywords(start_date = nil, end_date =     results = []     csv_data = @gs.get({         :start_date => (start_date || (end_date - 365)).to_s,
        :end_date => end_date.to_s,
        :dimensions => ["medium", "keyword", "landingPagePath"],
        :metrics => "entrances",
        :sort => "-entrances",
        :page => true}).to_csv(:long)

    return FasterCSV.parse(csv_data, :headers => true)


gs =, pw)

(start_date .. end_date).each { |date|
  file = "#{file_path}/medium_keyword_landingpage_visits_#{date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')}.csv"
  next if File::exists?( file ), "w") do |csv|
    csv << ["medium", "keyword", "landingPagePath", "entrances"]
    keywords = gs.get_keywords(date, date)
      csv << [row["medium"], row["keyword"], row["landingPagePath"], row["entrances"]]


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